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I’m thinking of going through the story and changing the girls names from those made up names to their real names so no one has to refresh on who’s who. Would anyone mind if I did that?

Would anybody read this story if I continued it?

Friday, August 31, 2012

So, I started school this week…


I haven’t had any time at all. The amount of homework that I’ve gotten this week is equivalent to a month’s work of school, no joke. I have a lot of homework that I should be doing right now, but I decided to update all of my blogs today since I haven’t updated any of them in so long…so yeah…

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I’ve been neglecting the HELL out of this story.

I’m writing right now, I swear.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

So, I realize that it might be kind of obvious by now, but I’m postponing this story until I finish The Badness.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Finally done with school, so I’ll be updating my stories more often.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bitch REALLY thought she could steal this story and get away with it. TUH. I bet her ass won’t upload anymore.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Chapter 9.


We drove along the roads as we headed to Texas. We traveled in three separate cars: Me, Roc and Nique; Ray, Prod and Zonnique; Jacob and Jawan. I thought back to before this all happened as I gazed out of the window. There were so many signs in front of my face, but I nor anyone else paid them any mind.


“And we’ve just gotten reports of another one of those strange cases of the disease that seems to literally be eating away the human qualities of those infected. No one seems to know what it is or wha-” My mom turned off the tv.

“Hey! I was watching that!” I protested.

“Breaunna, I don’t know why you fill your mind with that garbage. You know nothing on the news is legit. They make up false stories to get more money.”

“Moooooom, everything on the news isn’t a lie.”

“Oh, and you’re actually buying some mess about a “human quality eating” disease?” She said. We broke out into laughter.

“It does sound kind of funny when you say it like that.” I said.

“Glad you see it from my point of view. Now, eat your breakfast. We have to go visit your brother in the hospital.”


I listened to the heart monitor beep slowly as I watched my brother lay helplessly on the hospital bed. He’s been in here for months. No one can figure out what’s wrong with him.

“Hey, honey. It’s mommy and Bre. Can you hear me?” He continued to sleep. My mom sighed and stroked his hair. I slowly walked over to him and kneeled down.

“Danny, it’s me…Bre… I know you can hear me…I just wanted to tell you that we’re all waiting for you to get better. We really miss you. Everyone at school asks about you all the time…and you know that girl you like? She’s been asking about you a lot too. I think she might like you back.” I swear I saw his face break out into the faintest of smiles, and then it looked like a cringe of pain. I furred my eyebrows as the beeping on the heart monitor sped up before flat lining. I started to panic.

“Danny? Danny!” My mother started crying hysterically while calling for a doctor. Tears started to stream down my face. I studied my brother’s face. Then, I watched as his eyes slowly started to reopen, but they weren’t his eyes. They were much more…distant. My heart started to pound as I sat there confused. How could his eyes be opening if…he was dead?

“Miss, we’re going to need you to leave now.” A nurse said as she ushered me out of the room.

“But-but h-his eyes” I heard a weird noise before the door shut in my face. Had my brother…come back to life?


Of course now I know what had happened. My brother was infected. He was one of the earlier cases before it became a national outbreak.  But seeing what I saw that day has always had me wondering…how long had this outbreak been among us? How many people had “died” of this before? How long has this been kept a secret? How did this all start?



I slammed the truck door as I walked over to a bickering Roc and Ray.

“What the fuck do you mean we took the wrong exit?” Ray shouted.

“Look, I’m sorry! This map is old and hard to read!” Roc shouted back defensively.

“So where the hell are we?” Prodigy asked.

“Look, we’re almost out of LA. As soon as we double back and hit the right highway we’ll be in Arizona in no time.” He showed him the map.

“Ok, so let’s go back.” Prod said shrugging.

“We would, except for the fact that my tank is almost on E since we did all this extra driving.” Ray said while glaring at Roc.

“Well I’m fucking sorry! I don’t see you reading this damn map.”

“Look, I’m sure there’s a gas station on that map somewhere, right?” I asked. Roc took a look at the map.

“Yeah, there’s one about 10 miles from here.”

“So look, Jacob and I will drive up there, fill up our tank and bring back a few things of gas so we can fill ‘er back up and we can be back on the road again…the right road.”

“You sure you want to do that?” Prod asked with eyebrows raised.

“Yeah, I’m down for it.” Jacob said.

“Alright man, thanks. Be careful. Make sure your guns are loaded and ready.” Ray said while dapping us up.

“Of course, man. We’re ready for anything.” I said.

“See ya’ll later.” Jacob said as we walked to the car.

“Tell the girls we said we’ll be back!” I shouted as I half jogged to the driver’s seat. I climbed in and shut the door.

“You sure love the thrill of danger, don’t you?” Jacob asked.

“Little bit. What about you?” I asked.

“Hell yeah.” I smirked.

“I guess that makes us two danger loving mother fuckers.”

“Two danger loving mother fuckers with loaded guns.” Jacob said.

“You got that right, but we’ll see.” I said as I started to pull off.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chapter 8.

“Breaunna…Breaunna…BREAUNNA!!” Everything slowly started to fade in. Everything was spinning. I held my head as I sat up to keep from falling back over. I felt someone grab my arm as they helped me up.

“You alright?” They asked. I looked up as I tried to register their face. Roc.

“Yeah…what happened?” I said as my vision came back into focus. I looked around, the camp was completely destroyed. Dead bodies laid everywhere, some were lurkers and some were people from our camp. I heard quiet sobbing. I looked over and saw Nique crying into Jacob’s chest.

“Camp was overrun. We lost a lot of people…I thought…I thought I shot you.” He said. I looked at him. He looked torn apart.

“Roc, I’m alright…”

“Yeah but…you were almost bitten. You could be dead right now. I should’ve been there.”

“You were there and I’m alive now. Nique and I both are safe.” He sighed and pulled me into a tight hug, not saying anything else.



We sat around camp the next morning silently. Everyone ate breakfast without looking at one another. The only noise that could be heard came from the sounds of people eating. Zonnique was the first to break the silence.

“So are we just gonna sit here and pretend that last night didn’t happen?” She said. She got a few glances, but no one spoke up. I cleared my throat.

“We can’t stay here.” Everyone stopped and looked at me.

“What do you mean we can’t stay here? Where else are we gonna go?” Jawan asked.

“I don’t know.”

“If you don’t know then why did you even suggest anything?” Jacob asked.

“Look, I don’t know about any of you, but I don’t want to wake up one night to find a lurker chewing on my flesh! It’s not safe here anymore!” I said. It went silent again.

“He’s right.” Ray said “Who knows how they found us or how lucky we’ll be next time. We don’t need to lose any more people.”

“So what are we supposed to do?” Nique asked.

“Leave.” Ray said.

“Leave? And go where?” Bre asked. Ray gave me a look. I turned to everyone else.



Roc slapped a map on the hood of the car.

“Alright boys, if we’re going to get to Dallas we need a plan.” He said.

“How long would it take us to get there?” I asked.

“By car…about three days.”

“Great, so let’s get in the cars and go.” Jawan said.

“Hold on there, are you forgetting that we’re in a zombie infested world? There’s no way we can just drive from LA to Dallas.” Jacob said.

“Jacob’s right. I mean, we’re gonna have to stop for gas some time. Then what?” Bre said.

“Then we have to watch our asses.” I said “Look, there’s no way in hell this is gonna be an easy journey, but it’s worth a shot. What do any of us really have to lose? There’s nothing left anymore but hope. All we have is hope that there’s a way out of this. Now I don’t know about any of you, but I want to at least make it to Texas to see what the odds are.”

“Damn…were you like a motivational speaker before all this shit went down?” Jawan joked.

“Nah, I’m just…determined.” I said.



“Zendaya, would you more your ass? Let’s go!” Bahja shouted as we trudged along the road.

“Dammit, Bahja, I’m tired! We haven’t slept in days!” She complained.

“Would you rather be awake and tired or go to sleep and die?” Bahja asked. Zendaya sighed and continued walking in silence. This is not the Bahja I knew. Back before all of this happened she used to be so…different…


“Bahj…” I whispered.


“If we don’t get out of this…I just want you to know that I love you.” She sighed.

“Don’t say that, Prince. We’re gonna get out of this.”

“Are you serious? Did you see what that…thing just did to mom? How the hell are we ever gonna get out of here?”

“I don’t know just…go to sleep. I’ll think of something.”

“Go to sleep? Bahja, there are…zombies right outside of this door.”

“Princeton,” She said sternly before sighing “You remember when we were little and I used to sing you to sleep when you had nightmares?” She said. I smiled a little.

“Yeah…” I said.

“Well…I want you to pretend that this is a nightmare. When you wake up I promise I’ll have a solution to get us out of here.” I sighed.

“Bahj, I-”

“Please…just do it.” I hesitated, but laid on her lap anyway. She started to sing gently.

“Brother, you and I,

Brother, you and I,

 We’ll sing our lullaby.

 Hush, my dear,

Sing sweet and low;

 Baby now to rest will go;

Hush thee, hush thee,

Singing soft and low;

Hush thee, hush, thee,

Singing soft and low…..”


Now she’s so cold, so hard. That was the last I saw of the old Bahja. When I woke up that Bahja was gone.

“Bahj, where are we going?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?” Alix asked. Bahja stopped and looked at her.

“That’s what I said. Look, why don’t all of you just relax and trust me?”
“Because you’re being a bitch…” Alix mumbled

“What was that?” Bahja asked

“I said you’re being a BITCH.” Bahja swung at her but I caught her fist.

“Lay off, Bahj!” I said. She looked at me incredulously, then chuckled.

“My brother can’t protect you forever, princess.” She started walking again. I pulled Alix close and kissed the top of her head before we started walking again.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chapter 7


“What the hell, Ray!” Zonnique shouted laughing as Ray shook his wet hair on her. We had been in the creek for at least an hour. I sat on a rock watching everybody. Ray was harassing Zonnique, Roc was doing some weird waddling dance while Jawan and Jacob laughed at him, and Cymphonique and Breaunna sat far away doing laundry and talking. Just looking at everybody and how happy they were was amazing. Who would have known that a place like this could exist in the middle of such a dark world? Even with all of the laughter and happiness surrounding me I couldn’t help but feel sad. How could I possibly enjoy any of this when the people I love could be dead? She could be dead. I still can’t get over the way I lost her. If I would have just held on tighter she would be with me right now. I still remember that day…


Everyone was rushing around in a panic. No one knew what to do. I mean after all, this…thing had just eaten somebody right in front of our eyes. Everybody just continued to run. After I saw what was going on with my own eyes I knew I had to find her. I started running. I had no idea where I was going, but I was going. I pushed past people frantically. My eyes darted around everywhere hoping to catch a glimpse of her, but all I saw were the terrified faces of former friends and strangers. I didn’t know what to do. What could I do? I was lost, lost and afraid of what the world had become.


“PROD!” I snapped back to reality. Everybody was staring at me

“Huh?” I said.

“What’s wrong?” Zonnique asked. I shrugged.


“Don’t worry guys. He’s probably ok. He was just staring at Zonnique’s ass!” Roc said. He and the rest of the boys started laughing hysterically. Zonnique punched him in the chest

Damn, Lil Mama! I was just joking!”

“Just joking my ass!” She said and started to walk away.

“You got that right.” Ray mumbled while watching her. The boys started chuckling again. I smirked and shook my head.



“Charlie, you really don’t have to help us with the laundry.” I said to one of the other people in our camp.

“You sure? Because I don’t mind.” He said.

“I’m sure. We’ve got it covered. Why don’t you go hang with those guys over there?” I said while pointing to a group of people in the creek.

“Ok.” He ran off to the group of people. I turned back to Nique.

“Now, what were we talking about?”

“Jacob.” She said.

“Oh yeah, now I don’t know what exactly you two have going on but it needs to stop.”

“I know, I know. I told him that this morning. I’m sick of him treating me like he owns me, ya know? Like he can just use me whenever he wants.” She said while scrubbing a shirt. I stopped what I was doing and looked at her.

“Nique, you two don’t…” She sighed.

“And he’s just been blowing you off? You really can’t let him treat you like that! At least Roc and I actually admit to having something. He treats you like…like a-”

“Slut? Is that the word you’re looking for? Yeah, I know. You know, 6 months ago I wouldn’t even have a relationship like this. But it seems like…ever since the world…ended or whatever I’ve lost myself. This…I don’t know who this is.” She said while pointing to herself. I sighed.

“Trust me, I know exactly what you mean…” A few moments later we heard a loud, ear piercing scream. Our heads snapped in the direction it came from. In the creek…

“WHAT THE FUCK!” I yelled. Nique and I jumped up. Everybody started to run away from the creek.

“How did that one sneak in without anyone seeing it?” Nique said.

“It was John! He must’ve gotten bit!” Jawan said.

“Bit? Where in the world would he have gotten bit?!” Lynn said. I noticed Nique and Jacob exchange a quick nervous glance. It was so quick that if I hadn’t been watching everyone closely I wouldn’t have even noticed it.

“Come on!” Ray shouted. We started to run back up to the camp. When we got there the air got caught in my lungs. Our camp had been overrun by lurkers. People ran aimlessly around fearing for their lives.

“Get the guns!!!” Prod yelled. The boys ran off in different directions. Zonnique ran off also, leaving me and Nique alone.

“We have to get to the RV!!” I shouted. We took off running. Gun shots, screams and the sound of hungry lurkers were all that could be heard. We were almost to the RV when a lurker jumped on me. I screamed as I tried to fight it off. The smell of decaying flesh invaded my nostrils. Nique found a wooden board and started to hit it, but it was no use. It wouldn’t give up. She swung to hit it again, but was attacked by another lurker. She let out an ear piercing scream. Finally, there were two final gunshots, well, at least that’s all I heard before everything faded around me.